concrete5 Redesign

I’m Robert, an interactive designer by day and an unbelievably proud father by night (and weekends). Over the course of the past several years I have been working in the design industry with an emphasis on user experience and interfaces. Always a passionate user advocate, I enjoy researching and expanding potential UX solutions based on user behaviors.

I’m a technology and science nerd who craves pushing the digital experience off the web and into experiential spaces where new navigation standards are just now becoming developed. I thrive to drive designs across unknown boundaries, where the final outcomes are always changing.

I work hard and play hard, whether is be developing several navigational schemes to test or painting the afternoon away on the weekend. I have a saturated nerd-dad personality with an infectious charisma and a slight music-obsessive disorder . Try to look through life like a child and you’ll realize how much the aspect of fun truly is a life necessity.

As Jeff Goldblum puts it: Well, there it is.