Topcon Website/Apps
Topcon was a large client during my time at PortlandLabs, where we helped develop and design massive company websites and several successful iOS apps.

Created a consistent, yet flexible visual system to keep the multiple resources and services all appear they are using the same backend system, which wasn’t always true in reality.

News App

This was a simple news management and generation app for company employees. Between migrating several websites together earlier that year, multiple news sources from within the company became conflicting.

Sales App

Even though this started as a simple sales app for the client, it quickly turned into an extensive and custom app that exceeded everyone’s expectations. They required an app that could house all of their marketing materials and build custom quotes without the necessity for internet.

The main attraction for this app was its’ ability to make complex product configurations in minutes rather than over the course of an hour. It wasn’t unusual for their salespeople to spend over 40 minutes with a single customer at these mammoth trade shows where they wanted to increase their proficiency.

It was overwhelmingly successful, increasing their initial conference goal of 6 million dollars to over 20 million dollars. For your knowledge, Topcon doesn’t sell anything under 100,000 dollars. They sell equipment that major construction companies use such as laser-guided GPS systems for exactors and even real-world 3D mapping electronics.

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